Sustainability and Communication management consultancy

Senior consultant with 15 years’ experience leading corporate sustainability and communication in a Fortune 500 company. Previous career in communication for a UK PLC, international public relations/issues management consultancy and journalism. Special expertise in organizational resilience, stakeholder engagement, governance and crisis management. Expertise includes strategic and policy to nuts and bolts delivery.

Capability overview

Sustainability, ESG and communications – key areas of expertise

A ‘one size fits all’ approach to developing and implementing a corporate sustainability strategy and positioning is yet to be invented. This is because each company has a unique combination of risks and opportunities. Clarity of thinking and action are key in translating concepts, such as the circular economy, into practical, measurable programs that contribute to business resilience, growth and build the brand. That’s why it’s good to have an experienced guide to help navigate on the journey.

Based on a track record of executive leadership and sound decision-making, I deliver:

  • Practical advice on embedding a sustainability strategy, including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) elements within the corporate strategy. I have implemented this at a large, complex, multinational matrix organization and regularly benchmarked this with a variety of companies,
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills – combined with a focus on delivering results in complex organizations – I ‘hit the ground running’ and deliver value rapidly
  • Communication and brand management counsel, especially on sustainability positioning and stakeholder engagement
  • Assembling and driving multi-function teams to create a common focus and action on a variety of issues, including organizational resilience (OR), risk management, crisis planning, supply chain, philanthropy and community projects
  • Robust and systematic approach to new initiatives, based on an exceptional track-record of defining and creating a global security and crisis management capability from nothing and improving health and safety performance by more than 70%
  • Implementing anti-corruption and governance initiatives, drawing on experience as Group Ombudsman; a program I developed from nothing to 80 Ombudsmen in 55 countries

I am experienced in delivering projects and programs as an individual contributor, team member, leader or facilitator and am a member of both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

Organizational Resilience and Crisis Management

Supervisory and executive boards are increasingly required to know about their company’s Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities and what’s being done in the company to manage them. My direct contact with institutional investors shows this group also increasingly focus on these areas when meeting company executives and assessing whether to invest in, or buy bonds from companies.Field

I develop and test ‘Organisational Resilience’ approaches, building cooperation across many functions and businesses within a client company. My breadth and depth of experience in this emerging area, including convening multi-function teams, is of value to clients developing this important capability.

Key deliverables:

  • Risk identification and evaluation, including taking output from ERM and/or materiality matrices, economic and political risk assessments and prioritizing action on issues with highest impact and probability
  • Development of resilience strategies to include HSE, crisis and security management in operations and supply chain
  • Due diligence visits to, and investigations into a company’s presence in sensitive countries and their participation in controversial infrastructure projects. I have visited Iran to assess a company’s presence there during periods of sanctions and advised on ESG issues in connection with a company’s participation in major mining projects and large hydro power schemes in Africa and Asia
  • Development and delivery of ‘as live’ crisis training, simulation and exercises for corporate and country management teams using scenarios from above risk assessments or specially-developed themes
  • Hands on management of crises, including crisis response and media relations related to product issues, activist action, terrorist attack, the Arab Spring, natural disasters, including tsunamis and flood affecting the supply chain

Pulling all of these areas together ensures the organization is well-prepared for challenges and can efficiently manage them and return rapidly to ‘business as usual’.

Supply chain

‘Best cost countries’ – where companies seek to offshore production – often have good legal, safety and governance frameworks, but the challenge is enforcement of the law and difficulties around business ethics issues.

In order to manage these risks, customer companies seek to improve suppliers’ sustainability through risk analysis, development, capacity-building and managed its subsequent implementation.

BikeA supply chain sustainability development program I developed in 2007 in India and China has continued to grow and broaden and now covers hundreds of suppliers in a variety of countries in the Middle East, Central America and Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand.

Key deliverables:

  • Working for a client, I develop training workshops, audit protocols and program of corrective actions covering:
    • Health and safety
    • Labour law compliance, especially treatment of migrant workers and excessive overtime
    • Permitting and environmental improvement
    • Human rights
    • Workers’ living and sanitary conditions

Governance and business ethics

Establishing processes, communication and training to support corporate anti-corruption efforts. In addition to benchmarking performance in this area, I created and led network of more than 80 ombudsmen in more than 50 countries for six years.

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